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We specialise in the maintenance of economic debts of broad scope and in financial services for healthcare facilities. We also conduct business intelligence in order to exclude the risk in trade transactions existing in business turnover.


Our company copes with the restructuring of public healthcare debts and in the sector of business debts and offers individual solutions oriented on the improved economic flow and constant access to financial resources.


Our activities cover the purchase of debts, amicable vindication, business intelligence, preventive stamp services and trainings in the selected law branches, as well as the security and vindication in business turnover. Our activities are characterised with individual and elastic attempt to each project, not limiting to offered standard solutions. At each step, we select the services and methods according to the requirements of particular business situation and customer. Our company performs

tasks in project financing sector connected with adapted financial engineering solutions.


Following the requirements of our customers, the cooperation in debt maintenance takes place at various levels. Each customer is informed about our progress at each level.


Our team is comprised of dynamic specialists, successful negotiators with broad experience and practical knowledge in finances, law and vindication techniques. The best law firms from around the country are working with us, as well as professional detective agencies (former officers of special forces) who support the business intelligence, what makes it very precise and gives measurable benefits to customer. Our activities are characterised with engagement in performed projects, elastically applied solutions and very good organisation of work.



Proposed cooperation

  • Purchase of debts

    Purchase of debts pertains to completely documented amicable liabilities (indisputable and unexpired), including contractual prohibition of debt conveyance existing exclusively in public healthcare facilities S.P.Z.O.Z. The best advantage of this service is immediate cash income in the amount and according to deadline stipulated in the contract with Customer.


    When you sell the claims for debts you get rid of debtor in easy way, you improve company’s cash flow and evade costs borne in the vindication process.

    The decision regarding the purchase or the refused purchase of debts is undertaken by our employee after legal analysis and the analysis of financial documents, as well as debtor’s rating.


    General benefits from overtaken public healthcare debts secured with contractual prohibition of conveyance are as follows:


    - immediate access to cash;

    - improved turnover of receivables in company;

    - no costs borne during the vindication of debts;

    - liquidated risk of irrecoverable debt reserves;

    - insolvency risk is overtaken by Lexmedus A. Maciąg, A. Łopuszyński Spółka Jawna.


  • Vindication of debts - outsourcing

    Our experience enables the selection of appropriate vindication methods and solutions according to particular, even the most demanding case. Basically, the efficiency of recovery depends from prompt vindication order given to us. When creditor postpones the delivery of case too long and awaits for debtor’s payment maybe after some time,  the probability of recovery decreases in every month, and very often in every day. According to our statistics and experience, creditors ordering the vindication respectively early, before other creditors do such thing, have higher chance for cash recovery. Here, the rule “first come first served” takes place. You should remember, that the more time from the day of debt has elapsed, the more hard the recovery of money is.


    Amicable vindication


    First method of debt recovery resulting from unsettled invoices. This service covers contact with debtor, the assessment of current financial condition, amicable negotiations and vindication in terrain, as well as the activities required for the recovery of debts.


    Benefits resulting from professional recovery of debts:


    - professionalism and efficient vindication,

    - complex services provided by experienced lawyers,

    - stable vindication team working on your case,

    - high probability of recovered debts,

    - saved time and efforts of your employees - orientation on your activities, instead of vindication,

    - constant information regarding ordered cases,

    - remuneration according to success fee basis,


    Judicial and enforcement proceedings


    When any chances for amicable settlement with debtors are lost, we recommend referring the matter to the judicial proceedings - details pertaining to such proceeding and the course of its implementation is regulated in the contract with Customer. Judicial proceedings with successful result and payment order with appended debt enforcement clause prevents from outdated debts and constitutes legal basis for pursuing the debts by executive bodies.

    Enforcement proceeding is last and final step in the recovery of debts. The efficiency and duration of the enforcement by bailiff depends from debtor’s solvency, as well as from the activity of executive bodies. We represent the Customer’s interest and supervise proper course of complete enforcement proceeding.


    During judicial and enforcement proceeding we provide to our Customers:


    - preparation of lawsuit and filing such lawsuit in the respective Court,

    - representation by experienced counsellor or barrister in judicial proceeding,

    - constant surveillance of barrister or counsellor over the activities of judicial organs,

    - obtaining payment order with enforcement clause,

    - preparation of the request for enforcement,

    - submitting the documents to respective bailiff’s office,

    - representation during the enforcement proceeding,

    - investigating current debtor’s financial condition,

    - passing the current information about debtor’s assets to enforcement organs,

    - constant surveillance over the activity of enforcement organs,

    - enforcing the debts for Customer or obtaining the decision on discontinued enforcement proceeding from bailiff following its ineffectiveness, therefore the debt can be settled as deductible,


  • Preventive stamp service

    In order to effectively prevent outdated debts, at the initial stage of trade cooperation we propose to our Customers disciplining own contractors with preventive stamp. The used stamp is a type of prevention and warning to contractors, that the recovery of liabilities in the company is constantly monitored by expert external company. Preventive stamp can be placed at invoices and bills.


    According to our experience, the information to contractors about the consequences of outdated debts and the fact of cooperation with professional external company maintaining the debts significantly improves the settlement of liabilities on time with relatively low service cost.


    Preventive stamp provides to Customer:


    - more receivables settled on time,

    - full control over debts,

    - reduced costs connected with the management of receivables,

    - payment of invoices with preventive stamp in the first place,

    - reduced risk of insolvent debtors,



  • The verification of contractor’s credibility - business intelligence

    General benefits from business intelligence:

    - limited risk during trade contacts and at the beginning of cooperation with new partner,

    - the verification of company’s legal credibility and its financial condition at each step of transaction:

       - when trade credit limit is increased,

       - when payment condition of current contractors is investigated

    - the elimination of uncertainty, when new contracts are concluded,

    - providing objective source of knowledge about contractor or competition,

    - settling the address of investigated subject for proper delivery of mail at the stage of judicial and enforcement proceedings.

    - providing data about the owners and managers of investigated company.

  • Internationally redressed financial claims

    Our vindication services are not limited to the territory of Poland.

    Entrepreneurs, who sell goods and services abroad, operate under high risk of forfeited payment by such contractors.


    Professional foreign vindication services offered by us minimise such risk, increase the security of international transactions with very often another cultural background, formal and legal aspects, as well as other language in which phone calls are held.


    When you order the vindication at our company outside the territory of Poland (pertains to countries, such as: Germany, Austria, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Belgium) we guarantee, that it will be conducted by lawyers and debt collectors professionally appointed to such case and located at territory of the country, where the activities connected with the recovery of your debt take place.


    We cooperate with leading law firms with knowledge of local legal regulations, business habits, who are expert in the recovery of debts in business turnover. Our activities are also supported by certified detective agencies in the country, in which the vindication takes place.


    The decision on the cooperation in internationally redressed financial claims is undertaken by our employee after financial and legal analysis and debtor’s rating, following individual negotiations.


    We vindicate the company’s debts at territory of Poland and for companies from Germany, Austria, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands and Belgium.


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